Mexico, RC

ROAD SAFETY in Mexico: the dangers of driving distractions

After concluding the special COVID-19 block of our global ROAD SAFETY campaign, the guidelines of the campaign have been resumed with the launch of block number 3. This time, to educate users of our roads about the dangers of road traffic. distractions behind the wheel.

Under the motto of “your safety, our priority”, in the first block of content of the campaign we focus on the behavior of the driver on the road. In a second moment, we dedicate ourselves to issues related to the physical condition and conditions of the driver. Once the special block to prevent the contagion and spread of COVID-19 is finished, we address the content related to the behavior of the driver inside the vehicle.

Coinciding with the celebrations of the national holidays, in which there are numerous displacements in Mexico, the campaign was deployed from September 10 to 17.

8,000 flyers were distributed and 66 posters were placed on our roads and toll booths (both from CAMS and COPEXA). Also on social networks they have been working with these messages to create awareness among drivers: use the helmet and seat belt correctly; not be distracted by the mobile phone during the trip; the importance of child restraint systems, etc.

Your Safety Our Priority