Our talent management model is based on three key factors: equality, integrity and safety

We believe…
that people are the heart of our business

We are a multicultural team of over 2,800 professionals across subsidiaries and investee companies in 6 countries and three continents. A team of multidisciplinary experts with significant know-how, which positions ROADIS as one of the most competitive companies in the industry.

This global approach combined with local management is an intrinsic part of our culture, as is managing major projects across the world from a diverse perspective. For ROADIS, it is crucial to have a team comprising people with different perspectives on the world to be able to achieve the best results.

We believe…
that it is better to have respect than public admiration

We adhere to very strict ethical principles , underlined by respect and the promotion of diversity at all levels: gender, culture, sex, age, religion, beliefs, etc.

We believe…
that people need to be recognised for their efforts, ideas and contributions

We endeavour to find the best solutions for our clients to make operations more efficient and to monitor their health and safety.

We believe…
in long-term relationships

We trust our teams and we rely on them to tackle our business challenges. We work in a transparent and diverse environment which allows us to achieve our shared objectives.


Because you will contribute to the growth of a project, focused on transport infrastructure concessions, with a clear objective: to create value in communities where we operate through standout investment and infrastructure project management across the world.

You will enjoy the opportunity to work at a multinational company with the benefits of forming part of a flexible working team. Training, recognition and international mobility plans; volunteer programmes, social benefits to help improve your quality of life and sports…


Can we count on you?

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Simon Duranceau
Investment specialist
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Fernando Herrera
Investment specialist

Meet the people making this a reality

The team

Board of

Gabriel Damiani
A member of the Board of Directors of ROADIS since May 2016, Gabriel started his career at the National Bank of Canada as a Securities and Markets Analyst. He later worked in the transport industry, at Bombardier 's Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Strategy department. He joined PSP Investments in 2011 and has been a director with the PSP Infrastructure team since 2015, participating in numerous deals in the infrastructure sector. Gabriel holds a degree in Economics, Administration and Finance from McGill University and HEC Montreal.
Patrick Charbonneau
A member of the Board of Directors of ROADIS since 2018, Patrick started his career in infrastructure consulting at PwC. With more than 15 years of experience in the infrastructure sector, Charbonneau is currently working at the PSP offices in London, where he leads the organization 's expansion plans in the infrastructure sector worldwide. He is a business administration graduate specialising in finance from Bishop 's University. He subsequently completed a High Potential Leadership program at Harvard University. In addition, he has been a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) since 2002.
Janis Carol Kong
Independent Director
An Independent Director on the Board of Directors of ROADIS since May 2017. She currently holds similar positions with companies such as Copenhagen Airports, the Portmeirion Group, the TUI Group and Bristol Airport (where she serves as Chair of the Board). Throughout her career, Janis has held different executive positions at BAA Plc. (now Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd.). In addition, she has been Managing Director of Gatwick Airport and Chairperson of Heathrow Airport Ltd. for five years, as well as Chairperson of Heathrow Express. Janis holds a degree in Mathematics and Psychology from the University of Edinburgh and completed her education with the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.
Ignacio Moreno
Independent Director
A member of the Board of Directors of ROADIS since December 2018, Ignacio has held various positions of responsibility: he has been an executive vice chairman in the BBVA Chairman's Office, CEO of N+1 Private Equity and CEO of Vista Capital Expansión, SGECR (private equity), among others. He is currently a board member of Telefónica and senior advisor of Apollo Global Management for Spain, as well as Chairman of Metrovacesa. Ignacio holds a degree in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Bilbao and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from INSEAD.
José Antonio Labarra
CEO and Vice Chairman
With a degree in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid, Labarra started his career at Cintra, where he held different positions of responsibility in Portugal (Norte Litoral), Canada (40ETR), Spain and the USA for 13 years. After this he joined the Isolux Group as Managing Director of Highway Concessions. At this stage, he led the team and the implementation of the project portfolio that constituted the starting point of ROADIS, from 2016 to this day.

The team

Executive Committee

The keys for success in our business are: passion, patience and persistence - in that order
José Antonio Labarra
In 2016, José Antonio took on the biggest challenge of his professional career: managing a multinational company with over 2,500 employees across 6 countries. This civil engineering graduate, who has worked in Portugal, Canada, Spain and the USA, is currently at the helm of the company. He manages communications with the shareholder (PSP) and is ultimately accountable for team management, decision-making and the ROADIS universe.
ROADIS's biggest risk would be not taking risks
Javier Álvarez
Chief Audit & Risk Officer
Javier has a multi-faceted role. On the one hand, he organises the identification of risks that might prevent the company from reaching its financial and non-financial targets, also identifying options for avoiding these threats. In other words, what can go wrong and what we can to do prevent it. Another role of him is to check that these controls designed by business managers work as they should. If he realises that something is not functioning well, he suggests a solution. Javier also looks for efficient ways to transfer some of the risks which ROADIS encounters to the insurance market, to the extent that this is possible. Finally, he collaborates with other areas to encourage and ensure compliance with the ethical principles which we have self-imposed through our Code of Conduct.
Working hard and innovating are both key to achieving our targets
Esther Ayuso
Head of Europe & Innovation
A graduate in civil engineering from the Technical University of Madrid. Esther has extensive international experience in PPP projects; and she has spent a significant portion of her career in India. She manages ROADIS operations in Spain and Portugal, as well as seeking new opportunities in Europe. Her challenges are not limited to Europe, because currently she is also leading the innovation initiative implemented by ROADIS in 2019.
Brazil-ROADIS is a pairing with a significant history
José Bartolomeu
Head of Brazil
Always on the go, Bartolomeu has spent most of his professional career in international companies. Before becoming the head of ROADIS in Brazil, he was the CFO of VIABAHÍA. In his current position, he manages the operations of more than 680 km connecting the three main cities of the state of Bahia, in a country that faces great challenges in the infrastructure sector.
Balancing risk and reward is key to a shrewd investment
Shawn Denton
Managing Director of Investments
On the back of his experience at PSP Investments, one of Canada’s largest pension investment managers and the sole shareholder of ROADIS, Shawn oversees our investment strategy and leads our efforts to invest in quality assets and to build partnerships with like-minded investors. He and his team of qualified professionals travel the globe in search of attractive opportunities, forging relationships with peers, advisors and market participants, with the goal of transforming ROADIS into a leading global player in the ground transportation sector.
We endeavour to keep excellence at the heart of ROADIS
José Ramón Ballesteros
Center of Excellence Director
A doctor in civil engineering (UPM) and a bachelor’s degree in business management and administration. Jose Ramón’s entire career has been focused on the world of infrastructure concessions, both in the technical and operational side, as well as in finance and asset management. In recent years he has worked in countries including Spain and the United States. Today he is responsible for our operations and an adviser for various assets. This means he is constant contact with every country, with a keen eye to ensure everything works excellently. He also likes to give classes in engineering at the university.
ROADIS is also growing as a company thanks to the personal and professional development of its teams
Antonio J. Hernández
Human Resources Director
Antonio is a law graduate and he has spent nearly his entire career in infrastructure. He has always been involved in people and team management. Currently he is the Human Resources Director at ROADIS, a responsibility to look after its most important asset: looking after and developing our team and searching for and acquiring new talent. A task for which there are no boundaries at ROADIS, because geographic spread and cultural diversity are certainly continued challenges for a company which operates on 3 different continents.
The success of our strategy will be based on developing our ROADIS values
José María Ojeda
SPG Head
A graduate in civil engineering from the Technical University of Madrid. Ojeda joined Isolux Concesiones de Aparcamientos as Project Manager; although he soon took the leap into highways, having lived and worked in countries including Germany, Kenya, Mexico and the United States. He holds an engineering degree and MBA and currently leads the ROADIS corporate strategic projects area. He is responsible for finding simple solutions to the company’s complex problems, and facilitating relations with our stakeholders.
Lawfulness and compliance are always the best route
Ana Lorente
General Counsel
A law graduate from the Complutense University of Madrid, she has worked in private practice and as a corporate legal consultant. In 2017, she took up leadership of the ROADIS legal department and became the secretary of its Board of Directors. Contracts, conventions, agreements, anything written - big or small - passes through her hands. She is also responsible for compliance, as ethics - much more than trends - forms part of ROADIS 's DNA.
Celebrating ROADIS 's safe journey in Asia
Kaushik Pal
Head of India
A civil engineer (University of Jadavpur) and MBA graduate (IIM Kolkata), Kaushik has worked for more than three decades in different companies in India in the infrastructure and public service sectors. With extensive experience in road asset management, he currently leads ROADIS in Asia. As a member of the ROADIS Executive Committee, Kaushik is responsible for all commercial operations in India. ROADISs is the top European investor in roads in India, and it is trying to make headway in other Asian countries.
Mexico, present and future of ROADIS
Carlos Redondo
Head of Mexico
A graduate in law and business management and administration (ICADE), Carlos’ career has taken him to various places: investment, sales, business development and finance; in various industries. He is currently Country Manager in Mexico, where he manages a large group of professionals divided into two concessions: CAMS and COPEXA. He also seeks ROADIS opportunities for growth in the country, and he always keeps abreast of new developments to precisely manage the operations of a key country amongst the markets where our company currently operates.
Commitment and discipline also provide value to our asset portfolio
Eduard Soler
A business management and administration graduate from ESADE. Eduard started his career in strategic consultancy. Since then he has held positions of responsibility in the energy and infrastructure sectors. As CFO, Eduard is the man behind the company’s numbers, coordinating all economic & financial projects in the ROADIS ecosystem. He also manages directors in the following corporate areas: Communication, HR and Systems.