Mexico, RC

CAMS stars in a clean-up day on the Santa Catarina River

On September 12, the CAMS team developed a day of cleanliness and environmental sensitivity in the bed of the Santa Catarina River. The initiative is included in the environmental compensation plan for the construction of the Santa Catarina Viaduct.
Since 9:00 am, our 24 volunteers collected 13 cubic meters of solid waste from the banks of the river, which were sent to a recycling center to be treated properly.
The efforts made will help raise awareness among the residents of the area about the importance of maintaining good habits when it comes to caring for the river.
This event is part of the Viaduct’s Environmental Management Plan, since sustainability is an important element for the development of the work and one of the main assets of our Corporate Responsibility plan. With this clean and environmentally sensitive project, we seek to contribute to improving air quality, as well as the health and quality of life of the inhabitants of the Monterrey Metropolitan Area.
We continue to advance our CR strategy!