2800 people
1887 km managed
4600 millions of managed investment

We are the investment platform of Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments), dedicated to developing, operating and managing roads worldwide

We have more than 2,800 employees , we manage 1,887 kilometres of roads, we have a total managed investment of over 4.6 billion euros , and we operate in six key countries across three continents.

Our sole shareholder is PSP Investments : a Canadian investment fund which operates in more than 75 countries, with net assets under management of $168 billion CAD (March 2019). PSP is a Canadian Crown Corporation created in 1999: one of the largest investment managers of public pension funds in Canada. It currently manages a global diversified portfolio in 75 industrial sectors.

As a global company, our purpose is to create value in communities where we operate through profitable investment and transport infrastructure project management. We always uphold personal integrity, compliance with the law, diversity and collaboration as key values. We seek excellence, efficiency and sustainability; and we maintain our commitment to the environment, innovation, and the safety of our teams and communities where we operate.

+ 75 Countries
168 billions C$ in assets
75 Industrial sectors
Our culture Our commitment to create value in communities where we operate, can be divided down into four attributes, which inspire and guide ROADIS ’s work

Our projects create sustainable value because we drive economic development and social wellbeing (by creating jobs and connecting people). We unfailingly respect the environment.


We develop safe infrastructure projects for all our employees and users. Road safety is key for us.


We invest in and manage projects under the strictest ethical principles. Our investors, authorities, users and employees place their trust in us.


Our work reflects the pursuit of excellence, and this goes hand-in-hand with innovation in the way that we manage our business, processes and policies.

What do we believe in? Six beliefs guide our work at ROADIS. They are our principles. We respect them. And we act accordingly.
You can trust us
Because we are ethical and responsible.
We are passionate about our work
We show enthusiasm for what we do, and we inspire others.
We work for people
We trust and we respect: because people are the heart of our business.
We are a team
A blend of diverse knowledge, opinions and ideas always achieves better results than individual actions.
We pursue excellence
Our ability to innovate engenders quality.
We try, we learn, and we grow
We set challenging targets which support our personal growth.

How we do what we do

Our code of Conduct

01 Is important ...

because ethics, professionalism, integrity, honourability, efficiency and transparency are essential corporate values at ROADIS.

02 Describes...

the guidelines and corporate culture we want at ROADIS; and outlines values, principles and expected behaviour.

03 Affects...

ROADIS leaders and employees; and all people linked to the company in any way.

04 Is accepted by...

all ROADIS employees, who must sign it when joining the company, and confirm compliance each year.

05 Its objectives are...

to develop professional, ethical, transparent and responsible behavioural models and patterns which must guide all ROADIS employees in their work; to prevent criminal or wrongful conduct and to establish the required monitoring and control systems to guarantee compliance.

06 Establishes guidelines for...

personal and professional conduct, to identify and discuss conflicts of interest, receiving gifts and other benefits, to prevent fraud and corruption, protect the company’s information assets and personal operations.

07 Its responsible body...

(the ROADIS Ethics and Compliance Committee) ensures compliance and promotes its distribution and specific training.

08 To report...

breaches or infringements of the Code of Conduct, there are different channels provided for this purpose.

09 Guarantees confidentiality...

for all people who want to use this channel to report potential breaches or infringements of the Code.

10 It is accessible...

You can access our decalogue of the code of conduct by clicking here.

ROADIS’ Reports

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