Brazil, RC

In Semana Nacional de Tránsito: ROAD SAFETY campaign in Brazil

Taking advantage of the celebration of Semana Nacional de Tránsito in Brazil, last September was launched the block number 3 of the ROAD SAFETY campaign (after the end of the COVID block, as we have done in the other countries). On this occasion, the intention was none other than to make users aware of the dangers of distractions at the wheel. With this third block, the ROAD SAFETY campaign returns to strictly road contents, after addressing the driver’s behaviour and physical condition in blocks 1 and 2, respectively.

Following the motto “Your safety, our priority”, our team at VIABAHIA distributed a total of 10,000 flyers and 22 posters were placed on our roads and toll booths.
In the material distributed, the users of our roads could know the messages and advices to avoid distractions at the wheel and to be able to make their trips in a safe way. Correct use of helmet and seat belt, no distraction with the cell phone during the trip and the importance of child restraint systems were some of the recommendations that ROAD SAFETY offered to our Brazilian drivers.

Your Safety, Our Priority