ROAD SAFETY: Brazil completes the global campaign with the last block

Brazil was the first country to roll out the last block of the ROADIS road safety campaign. On this occasion, ViaBahia users received a series of messages related to vehicle condition and maintenance.

With the deployment of the fourth and last block of the campaign, dedicated to raising awareness about road safety (in addition to the additional block dedicated to health during COVID-19 crises), Brazil successfully concludes this annual campaign.

The contents of this block touched on important topics such as: the need to check the condition of tyres and lights; checking engine temperature; checking fluid levels; checking equipment with all the necessary elements (emergency waistcoat or triangles), etc.

During the last week of February, 20,000 drivers received the informative flyers and were able to read the contents of 15 posters distributed throughout ViaBahia’s user service areas and toll plazas.

While the campaign is being completed in Mexico and India this March, we share with you some pictures of the deployment in Brazil.

Your Safety, Our Priority!