India deploys the 3rd block of the ROAD SAFETY campaign

After Brazil and Mexico, India joins the list of countries that have already developed the third block of our global road safety campaign. On this occasion, the content has focused on the behavior of the driver inside the vehicle.

The situation in India, in the context of COVID-19, caused the deployment of the penultimate block of the ROAD SAFETY campaign to be delayed by several weeks in the Asian country. During that time, as you know, messages were worked on to prevent contagion during the pandemic. And already in late December, our team in India has been working hard to raise awareness among our road users about the dangers of distractions behind the wheel.

In materials distributed, both on flyers and posters, drivers were informed about the dangers of cell phone use on the road, the importance of helmets and seat belts, and the proper use of child restraints.

During this block of the campaign, 45,000 flyers were distributed and 25 posters were placed on the roads managed by ROADIS in the country.

Ending 2020, India is aligned with Mexico and Brazil, and the three countries will develop the fourth and final block in the first quarter of 2021.

Below, we share with you some images taken during the development of the campaign in India.

Your safety, our priority