Corporate, Mexico

CAMS modernizes to improve the safety and experience of its customers

CAMS has begun a process of modernization by carrying out improvement works in all the concessioned track. The construction of a third lane in some of the sections and the relocation of the toll booths, together with the implementation of new road safety elements, are some of the novelties of this CAMS 2.0. In addition, work is being done on the modernization of toll technologies and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to position CAMS as the most innovative highway in the country.

The development of this “latest generation” infrastructure in Mexico is accompanied by a change in its corporate image, which seeks to position CAMS as a more innovative and closer route.

With its new corporate identity, CAMS is getting a little closer to the ROADIS Universe, in terms of its graphic expression, through a deformation of our “O” characteristic.

Throughout the coming months we will continue to report on the progress of these works that seek to continue positioning CAMS as a road designed for the user in terms of road safety, customer service, efficiency of operations and emergency response.

Recently, CAMS has launched a mobile application to improve the experience of its customers. Through this free platform, which has been tested over the last few weeks, it is possible to receive real-time alerts on the state of the road, or to request immediate assistance in the event of an accident .

CAMS will gradually begin to implement the new visual expression of its brand at different points, from toll booths and offices, to the day-to-day materials, to the digital channels.